Friday, 16 September 2011

80000 Miles

Back in February I posted how I had been running for 30 years and had in that time clocked up 79105 miles.  Well this evenings 7 miles has brought, not as quickly as I hoped due to injuries etc, the total up to 80000.

I think a visit to The Miners Arms and a couple of pints of Bombardier to celebrate are the order of the day.


Terry Lonergan said...

Well done on reaching the milestone of 80000 miles. Averaging
over 50 per week for 30 years is no mean feat.
Be good to some of your pre 2000
achievements submitted to Power Of 10.
Keep it going,
All the best, Terry L.

Andy Pearson's running blog said...

Well done Alan on 80,000 miles - definitely think that is worth a few Bombardiers!