Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bunny Run series - Race 2

With 20 runners toeing the start line it was a  slightly larger field than race 1, two weeks ago.  Conditions were slightly worse with a stiff wind blowing across Newcastle Town Moor, and anyone who knows the Moor, will know that there is absolutely no shelter.

As the race got underway, Race No.1 winner, Jon Bell soon hit the front.  As his pace did not seem quite as quick as the last race I decided to tuck in behind him with Mike Friberg of Blaydon and Kevin Lister making up the leading group.  However, as we headed out towards the hills Jon started to pull away and I was soon passed by first Kevin and then, club mate, Mike, who forged on and soon passed Kevin also.

As we climbed the first hill I started regaining some ground on Mike and Kevin.  Cresting the hill and down the side to immediately start climbing the second hill I sensed Kevin was struggling and as we headed back down the hill and out towards Exhibition Park I cought and passed him.

Although I closed the gap slightly on Mike the gap was too much and I finished in 19.10 and third place.  the final placings being:

1st Jon Bell 18.35
2nd  Kevin Friberg 18.57
3rd me 19.10
4th Kevin Lister 19.29

Direct comparrison of times with the last race are a little difficut as we ran slightly further than in the first race. Seemingly just before the start of the first race, cows had eaten some of the route markers which resulted in runners taking a slight short-cut.  But with Sundays half marathon still in my legs, the windy conditions and a slightly longer course I am looking on tonights 19.10 as compared to 19.01 a fortnight ago favourably

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