Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Marathon goings on

Spirit of the Marathon movie poster

The Marathon has certainly raised a number of talking points this last week or so.

There has been the annual discussion around who has had their entry for next years 'London' accepted/rejected and who will be putting in for a club entry.

There was also Patrick Makou's recent new world record at the Berlin Marathon, of 2.03.08.  Knocking over 20 seconds off Heile Gebrselassies previous record and Gebrselassie dropping out of the same race.

Talking of world records - What about the IAAF's ruling on the women's world record?  Re-classifying Paula Radcliffe's world record of  2.15.25 as a world best and making her third fastest time of 2.17.42 the 'official' world record.  The reason for this being that her two fastest times were achieved in mixed races and not women only events.

And what about this Sunday, the local, Kielder Marathon, saw Rob Sloan of Sunderland Harriers being disqualified after finishing 3rd.  The reason for the disqualification being that he got on a bus part way around the course before jumping off just before the finish to complete the race. Not only that, but on discovery, he first of all denied it,  then seems to have said that it was some sort of accident and he did not mean to do it and then again today there seem to be further reports that he is again denying it.

Also on Sunday at the Chicago Marathon there was the lady who gave birth to a baby girl only hours after completing the race.

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