Sunday, 16 October 2011

A round up of the week

This mornings long run was a struggle, so much so, that I cut it short and only did 10 miles.  Although I have a bit of a cold hanging around I think the real reason for not going so well today is more down to tiredness from quite a tough week. 

Monday I did 5 miles with a series of 30 sec bursts with 30 jog recovery.  Tuesday was a 5 min, 4min, 3 min, 2min, 1 min, speed session, all on 1 min jog recovery.  Thursday was a 35 min tempo run over which I covered about a further 100m  than on the same run the week before and yesterday the session was 7 x 2 min with 1 min jog recovery.  Wednesday was a steady run and Friday a rest day.

Next week I aim to change the emphasis slightly only doing one speed session - probably Tuesday, with steady runs the rest of the week and a 5km time trial on Saturday (possibly using one of the Park Runs).  Then a longer run Sunday.

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