Sunday, 20 November 2011

Easy - like a Sunday morning

What a beautiful Sunny, bright, cold, Sunday morning with a touch of frost along the side of the River Derwent.  Unfortunately as my cold has made an unwelcome return and as my chest is feeling very tight I decided on just an easy 11 miles - and what a fantastic morning for a run!!

Yesterday, while in the Town shopping we as we usually do, stop for coffee.  As we sat down Anita mentioned past times.  Ah, I thought is the conversation going to be about some of her past times in the Blaydon Race? Or is she going to pander to my ego and talk about some of my past times? Or was she warning Francesca not to mention any of my past times as I can get a little grumpy, now that I am not running as fast.  But alas she was talking about Past Times the high street retailer.  A shop full of wonderful things you never knew you didn't want.

I notice that the IAAF have changed their minds and that Paula Radcliffe's 2.15 marathon time will now stay as the world record. I should think so too!

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Paul Tilley said...

Yeah Im out in Guinea for the foreseable future Alan.I enjoy reading your blog so keep it up! Im managing to excercise every day for 30mins, mainly reps on the with 2 or 3 short runs. Now Im a Blaydon Harrier again I would like to do a few runs at xmas, possibly the pudding run and the Morpeth7(always loved that race!)Im back from 23/12 to 6/01 so might see you in the hoops! might even get out training with you guys,just like old times.All the best mate, Paul Tilley,