Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hidden talent

This mornings local newspaper the Newcastle Journal featured in its health section a young man who six years ago was a 15 stone "couch potato".  However, this year he ran the Great North Run (half marathon) in 1hr 20 min and last month beat 900 other competitors to win the Newcastle Stampede a 10km assault course/adventure type race in under 30 minutes!!

Closer to home, one of my training partners at Blaydon Harriers joined the club just over a year ago, weighing over 14 stone and with a time of around 45 minutes for the Blaydon Race (5.7 miles).  He now weighs 12 stone and completed the recent Town Moor Memorial 10km in 37.45 to finish in 34th place and the way he is going in training that time is due for further revision.

It makes you wonder just how much running talent there is out there.

In the meantime I continue to sniff, splutter and cough my way through the week as this cold seems determined not to give up.  Monday and Wednesday saw easy 3 mile runs, while on Tuesday I opted for 8 miles, with an 'easier' session (is any session ever easy?) of 5 x 2 min with 2 min jog recovery.

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