Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The week so far

6 x 1min, with 1 min jog recovery was last nights session.  Although it was dark, misty and with a persistent drizzle, it was a mild evening and quite pleasant for running.  A bit of an shorter session than of late but a lung buster nevertheless.

Monday became a rest day as I attended the GNR Review on Monday evening and was unable to fit a session in.  The Review was a pleasant and enjoyable social affair, with Brendan Foster suggesting (tongue in cheek) that following the New York Marathon organisers saying they wanted 100,000 runners, that the GNR should go for that number also!!!

Watching the television and reading in the newspapers the build up and the hype towards next years Olympic Games in London is certainly well under way.  But this Friday will see the decision being made as to who will host the 2017 World Championships.  The two contenders being Doha and London. If you visit:

You can join a vote to give your preference.  The current standings are Doha 49.7% of votes with London on 50.3%

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