Thursday, 8 December 2011

Having to ease up

I am not sure if it was the hill work on Tuesday evening or running on icy pavements or a combination of both, but I have developed a bit of a calf strain to my left calf.

Monday I did a gym session as planned and not because of the snow and frozen paths (honest) which I enjoyed as a change to running in the dark,  Tuesday as I mentioned earlier was a series of hill reps  over a series of sections of the hill as we ran a loop from Swallwell to Whickham, Dunston and back to Swallwell.. 7 miles in total, (a tough old session).

Last night because of my calf, was a gentle 3 miles, part running, part skating.  The weather today has turned to heavy rain so at least I shouldn't have the ice to contend with tonight.

It will be a case of taking it very easy for the rest of the week so that I can make the start for the North Eastern's on Saturday.

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