Friday, 6 January 2012

2011 Review

2011 started with some problems with my back and hamstrings.  Problems I tried to ignore, but in the end had to give in to.   The problem being diagnosed as a restricted sciatic nerve. This resulted in 7 weeks out injured.

So a return of 1793 miles for the year (average just under 34.5 miles per week) I feel is quite satisfactory.

As far as racing goes, despite 3 races by the end of February and the Blaydon Race and Yorkshire Wolds half marathon in June and July, when I was just getting back from injury;  Racing did not really start until September. 

The 12 races I had between September and the end of the year got me back into the habit of racing and I feel were reasonably successful in that, apart from a couple of occasions, stopped the trend of getting slower with each race and in fact started to make small in roads into reversing the trend.  Something I hope to build upon this year.

Talking of the coming year, I am currently finalising my goals for 2012 which I will publish, probably in my next post, by way of accountability.

So, all in all not a vintage year by any means, but one that has left me as keen as ever to keep pushing on and of course I have a new age group (over 55's) to look forward to from May.   


Christina said...

Wishing you the very best for 2012.

Antony Bradford said...

All the best for 2012. Really enjoyed reading the posts.