Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Establishing a reference point

Last nights run was a 10 miler with the the middle section, around Ryton Loop (2.1 miles) as a time trail.  The idea of doing the time trial was to establish a reference point as to my current level of fitness and I intend to repeat this time trial on a monthly basis, over the next few months, in order to track progress.

Conditions last night were mild with a stiff headwind from the start of the trial, at the Runhead pub, up to the  turning point at Ryton School before heading downhill and through Ryton village and then climbing back up to the Runhead.  Time taken 12.28.

It is some time since I have ran Ryton loop as a time trial, the last time being October 2010, and the time - 12.29.  So I guess, no appreciable deterioration over the past year and a good platform to build upon.

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