Friday, 30 March 2012

Born to Run

Not the Bruce Springsteen song but the book by Christopher McDougal.  Is a book about Ultra running and the Tarahumara Indians, which I read last year.  One of the principle people in the book is a runner called Micah True also known as Caballo Blanco.

Caballo Blanco

photo by Louise Escabar
This week, The Silver City Sun reported that Caballo Blanco had been reported as missing after going out for a run on Tuesday and not returning.

Lets hope this is a news story about running with a happy ending.

As for my running, despite feeling a little under the weather , things seem to be progressing quite well.  Last night I did an 8 mile fartlek and on Tuesday an Inverted Pyramid session 4min to 1 and back again.

Tomorrow the plan is for a short easy run with the aim of getting a long run in on Sunday - about 16 miles.

If  you are racing this weekend - Have a good one!

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