Monday, 19 March 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

It must have been around about November last year when I found out that my daughter, Francesca, had nominated me to be one of the Torchbearers on the Olympic Torch Relay.

When I found out, I was 'made up' that she had even thought about it and was quite happy that she had nominated me, and that was that.

So imagine my surprise when I was actually chosen!

Although I have known that I had been chosen for a little while now, I only recieved Official confirmation this weekend.

So I will be carrying the torch on 16th June through Consett in County Durham.

Map of Olympic Torch Relay route


Andy Pearson's running blog said...

Congratulations Alan - well deserved!

Terry Lonergan said...

Congratulations, Alan.
I'm sure you'll enjoy the occasion.
We receive your area TV down here so hopefully I'll spot you on the tele!

Alan Dent said...

Thanks Guys!