Monday, 26 March 2012

Progress report

It may be mostly just steady miles but the last two weeks  have seen mileage of 51 and 48 miles respectively.  Apart from a couple of slight twinges this has been achieved without any adverse reaction from my calf.  So things are definitely starting to look up and I am currently pencilling in the possibility of a  race in three weeks time.

Yesterday was a beautiful morning for a run with the early morning fog burning off to reveal blue skies and a bright sunny and warm day, as I enjoyed an easy 13 miles along the Derwent Walk. 

As the run progressed, as well as enjoying the views I played that old game, which I am sure every runner has played at some time or other, coming up with a list of songs  associated with running.  I came up with all the obvious ones - Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen; Road Runner by The Pretty Things and The Animals; Road Runner by Jonathan Richmond (different song); Run for Home by Lindesfarne etc.

But then I tried to think of any songs that were about running in an athletics sense and found that much more difficult.  At first I thought of a Roger Waters track from the Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking album called Running Shoes.  But from memory there is nothing about actual running in the song.

Eventually I came up with a Jethro Tull song, which although it did not have run or running in the title it did have lyrics about running.

The song is Budapest and from memory the lyrics were about a girl who ran 400 on a perfect track.
Once the run was over I decided to check the lyrics out, and although I had not remembered them correctly the start of the song was about a girl who ran:

I think she was a middle-distance runner
(The translation wasn't clear)
Could be a budding stately hero
International competition in a year

She was a good enough reason for a party
(Well you couldn't keep up on a hard track mile)
While she ran a perfect circle
And wore a perfect smile
In Budapest, hot night in Budapest

The first two verses of Budapest from the Crest of a Knave album.

This is the only song I could come up with.  Does anyone know any others?

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Terry Lonergan said...

Good to read that you are banging in some good miles, Alan. Music ? if i find it I'll post a music/running tiltles quiz on my blog for you to have a go at!