Monday, 16 April 2012

Sand Dancer

Race Winner - Paul Adams
of South Shields
Yesterday was a welcome return to racing at South Shields Sand Dancer Multi - Terrain race over approximately 6 miles.  Although I have not found a copy of the official results yet, I believe I finished about 21st position overall in 39.03.

The day started bright and sunny with a cold, strong, northerly wind.  However just prior to the start we had the treat of a heavy downpour and although this ended as we toed the start line the strong wind persisted.  This made for some tough going over the two laps on the very exposed 'Links'.

Not sure as to how I was going to fair, I set of at a steady pace with the aim of trying to work my way further through the field.  A tactic that was quite successful and also gave me the advantage of having other runners around to help provide some focus and at times, shelter on the 'into the wind' sections.

As we entered the second loop of the 'Links' I had managed to get onto the back of club mate Luke Aston, then turning into the wind, I pushed passed,with a Jarrow runner and Steve Marshall of Durham up ahead.

Although I did manage to catch and eventually pass the Jarrow lad I could do no more than close the gap a little on Steve as the race finished on the track at Gypsy Green Stadium.

The race was won by Paul Adams of South Shields, while the Ladies race was won by Clair Simpson of Jarrow and Hebburn.  My category of M50 was won by Paul Roper of Sunderland Strollers, while I finished 3rd in the over 50 category.

The race was also held in conjunction with the VAANEE championships and although I finished third M50 overall I actually won the Championships.

So all in all a pleasing return to racing - I think I had better get the fixture list out and start entering some more races.

Thanks to Francesca for photos

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