Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What happened to the spring weather

Having been spoilt with blue skies and warm sunny, spring weather for the past two weeks it came as a bit of a shock to find myself ankle deep in snow for yesterday evenings run.

The plan had been for some interval work in the form of a pyramid session but in light of the snow,near gale force winds and the temperature at 0c.   I decided to postpone this in favour of some steady miles.  As it was still fairly light I headed across the fields down to the Derwent Walk, up to Consett across the old steel works site onto the Waskerley Way, then up to Leadgate, Brooms, Bradley Cottages and back to Medomsley.

All in all 11 fun miles in the snow.

Only one problem, on completion of my run I discovered that the power was down and that we had no electricity. In fact we still don't, some 15 hours later.

Oh the joys of spring!

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Terry Lonergan said...

Sorry to read about the really bad weather and the power cut , Alan.
Hope you will be back to 2normal service" soon. But well done on your 11 miler. More than I would have done!