Wednesday, 9 May 2012

An afternoon with Miss Rutherford's class

St Catherine's Primary School in Sandyford, like probably most schools up and down the country, are covering the Olympics as one of their teaching topics.  As I have been selected as one of the Olympic Torch Bearer's I was invited to talk to Miss Rutherford's Year 4 class about the Olympic Torch and what it is like to be a runner.

Once everyone got over the shock (and probable disappointment) that I was not Usain Bolt, I gave a brief introduction to how long I have been running and why I run.  This was followed by a question and answer session after which we left the classroom for a run around the sports field.

Following some stretching and a couple of laps of the field we had some timed sprints followed by more stretches to warm down.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  I know I did.  So its a big thank you to Miss Rutherford and everyone in Year 4 for a great afternoon


Christina said...

How cool is it to be an Olympics torch bearer.

Alan Dent said...

The torch started its journey around the country this weekend. My leg is on 16th June - Must admit to looking forward to it!