Thursday, 24 May 2012

Clive Cookson 10km

One of the problems with running as you get older is that invariably, you get slower.  The Masters five year age groupings for racing, I suppose, take some of the sting out of this.  The age grouping not only allow you to compete against and compare your performances with your peers.  They also provide you (or at least in my mind) with the opportunity of wiping the slate clean with regards to PB's and starting again, so to speak, with each new age group.  So although your overall PB remains, usually from years past, you can have a current PB which reflects your current age.

The reason I mention this now is because it just so happens that last week I moved into a new age group, M55-M60 (I have just winced as I typed that).

So in near perfect conditions, last night's Clive Cookson 10km was my first race as a M55. Mind you, the way I started I must have thought I was at least 10 year younger.  When I went through the 3km point 16 seconds faster than I had ran 3000m on the track last week I had a passing thought that perhaps I was running quicker than my current fitness levels would allow and perhaps I would be paying for this later in the race.

And you've guessed it - I did!

The last couple of km becoming a nasty shuffle as I tried to hang onto those who past me. My finishing time being 39.10 giving me 50th position overall. I have not seen full results yet but think I may have been 3rd over 55.   But as I said earlier, it was my first M55 race and therefore a PB for this age group.

 Every cloud has its silver lining!

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