Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Racing to get fit

It seems to be taking increasingly longer to recover from races and hard sessions.  So much so that at the moment with a plentiful supply of races there is little or no time to do any sessions, once I have recovered from the previous race before the next one.

The solution, other than race less frequently which I don't want to do, is to use the races as the sessions and race myself 'fit'.

So it was that last night I found myself lining up at the VAANEE track meeting in Jarrow for my first 1500m in four years. Still not having done any real speedwork for a month now and still with twinges from my left calf, The warm up was spent deciding whether I should wear spikes or not. 

Finally, opting for the spikes, I lined up with 9 others in the M55 plus race.  As it was some time since my last 1500 I had originally planned to sit in and if possible try and pick things up over the last 600m or so.  However, I found myself in the lead from the off and decided to push on from the start.

Somewhat predictably I started to tie up over the last lap but fortunately I was able to hold some form and was far enough ahead to cross the finish line first in 5.07.3.  Second went to P Richarsdson of Sunderland Harriers in 5.29.6 and third to G Long of Low Fell in 5.36.1.

To put this into some sort of perspective the M35 - M54 race which followed was won by Ian Twaddle of NSP in around 4.20 with 6th place finishing in 5.06.

This morning my left calf is very tight and my groin very tender but with a little more work I am sure I can get under 5 minutes this summer. 

My next race will be next week over 5.7 miles at the Blaydon Race.  Hopefully I should be able to get some speedwork in before then.

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