Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Armchair athlete

My running may not be going too well at the moment, but it has allowed me the time to watch the wealth of athletics related programmes that are currently on TV due to the immanent start of the Olympics.

 Last night I watched The Usain Bolt Story and a programme about the 100m at the Seoul Olympics. Over the weekend BBC's Faster Higher Stronger programme covering the history of the Olympic 1500m was very good and tonight there is the 'Olympics most amazing moments' to watch.

Also over the weekend I watched the Diamond League coverage from Crystal Palace and was impressed by the performances of two local athletes, Laura Weightman of Morpeth who finished 4th in the 1500m (4.08.19) and Gateshead Harrier,Ross Murray  who was 2nd in the Emsley Carr Mile (3.52.77).

Not to mention Mo Farah's penultimate lap in the 5000m.


Christina said...

I cannot wait for the Olympics.
Hope you are feeling better!

Alan Dent said...

Starting to feel better - thanks. Hope you and Baby C are doing fine. Yes looking forward to Olympics