Saturday, 7 July 2012

Not Impressed

After two weeks of very very easy jogging, as per doctors orders, I returned to the hospital yesterday for further tests and the doctors verdict was music to my ears.  No problems with my heart were identified the only thing that was still showing up was that my blood sugar levels are still high and as a result, further blood tests, but nothing significant to worry about. Magic!

So today, by way of celebration I thought a hilly run out down to Blackhall Mill, through Chopwell Woods, Lintzford and back up to Medomsley would be just perfect. However, things didn't turn out the way I had planned.

I found that large stretches of the route were still under water from the recent flooding.  Normally I would have thought nothing of this, just accepting it as part of the fun of the run, However, today they were nothing but an annoying nuisance.  But worse still was the feeling that someone had put some sort of speed restriction on my body, no matter how I tried I could not pick the pace up.  The end result, even though I felt that I was going flat out, it took me an hour and six minutes to do just 7 miles!

When I got the results yesterday I also thought that I would just pick up where I had left off with regards to my race schedule over the summer and that meant the Bridges of the Tyne 5 on Tuesday, the 3000m a week on Monday and the Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon two weeks today.  Now I am left to ponder whether this is a good idea.

I must admit at this moment in time I am not impressed with my body.

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Graceless Whippet said...

Give yourself a chance, even a week or so off training can have an impact. I'm sure you'll be back on form in no time!