Friday, 13 July 2012


Having listened (for a change) to those around me, and still feeling rather flat I decided to give Tuesday's race, The Bridges of the Tyne 5, a miss.  This was the first running of this event promoted by the recently formed Tyne Bridge Harriers and I had been looking forward to it.

Well I suppose there is always next year. 

Results for the race can be found here

So it has been mainly steady running, once again,this week.  Unfortunately, it still feels as though I am running with the brakes stuck on.  So a decision on racing next week is still pending.

Last night I decide I would have to try to do a little work rather than just steady running so the session was a hilly 7 miles along the Derwent Valley (Elevation gain 592ft loss 589ft) with efforts on the uphill sections (a total of 5 hills).  I must admit he efforts were an effort, but at least it's a start.

Following the session we retired to The Black Bull in Blaydon for a couple of pints as is our usual habit.  A practise that is followed by many other runners following club night but also a practise that has been frowned upon by some.

However, I read today that moderate beer consumption can be beneficial to your health.  The 6th Annual Beer and Health Symposium, held in Brussels, and entitled 'From Myths to Science' looked at among other things; Is beer as good for your heart as wine? Is beer good for our bones? and is beer effective for rehydration after sports? Their findings were published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  You can find greater details of their findings here.

As part of his delivery, a Professor Costillo said "Beer quenches the thirst and is frequently consumed after practising sport or exercise.  Beer is mainly water but also contains alcohol.  Research into whether alcohol content prevented adequate recovery and/or rehydration found that neither a specific nor negative effect could be attributed to the intake of beer compared with the intake of just water.  In conclusion, at least in healthy, young adults, beer in moderate amounts is as effective as water for rehydration and recovery after exercise.

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