Monday, 23 July 2012

Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon

If I had to list my favourite races, then the Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon would have to feature high on the list.  This is probably reflected by the fact that I have ran this race on over 20 occasions.

Following my 'little episode' three weeks back and the subsequent easy running this has resulted in, there was no way I was in good shape to race a Half Marathon, over what some would call a tough, but definitely hilly course.

But, not wanting to break my sequence of turning out for this race, Saturday morning saw me on the start line for the 2012 Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon at Bishop Wilton.

Aware of my current standard of fitness I started well towards the back of the 300 plus field, so as  not be tempted to go with the leaders and even allowed more runners to pass me as the race got underway.

The first three and a bit miles are flat but I was surprised to find that I covered the first mile in 7.30 at what felt like a painfully slow pace.  Resisting the temptation to pick the pace up, the second mile took 7.28 and I was now starting to pass one or two people without any increase in pace.

Shortly after 3 miles the course starts to climb up to the six mile point.  Still keeping the pace constant I found I was steadily working my way through the field.  Mind you half way up the hill when I could see a stream of runners ahead, I started to wonder just how far back I was.

By the top of the hill I had worked my way further up the field but there still seemed to be  plenty of runners ahead of me, except now they were running in groups with gaps between rather than a steady line.

I caught the first group as we started the off road section of the race which heads back downhill,  another group by the time the bottom of the hill was reached and the next group as we got back onto the tarmac just before 9 miles.

As we hit the next climb, just after 9 miles I passed a young Pocklington runner who responded by picking up his pace and we worked our way through the field together.  Until about half way up the last hill, just before mile 12 when he gradually pulled away or was it that I started to fall away?

Whatever the case, I maintained my place to the top of the hill and down the steep downhill to the finish.  Crossing the line in 93.06 for 23rd position.  Winning the Over 50 category despite being in the M55 age group.  So all in all a pleasing run and an indication that I should perhaps start getting back to some proper training.

I have not been able to find the full results yet but the race was won by Phil Taylor of Briddlington Road Runners in around 75 mins.

Hopefully a set of full results and some pictures from the race to follow.

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Terry Lonergan said...

Good to read, Alan. Well done. Your splits were probably more consistent than normal as well. Better feeling to be overtaking than dying any time.Enjoy a few days easy before pushing back the pace. Take care.