Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Fun in the Sun

Following hot on the heels of Mo Farah's brilliant 5000m win, the Dent family headed out to Corfu for a couple of weeks of sun.

My intention was to keep my 10 day cycle going but since I was on holiday not to get too hung up about the overall mileage.

As a result my long runs were reduced to 10 miles and my speed sessions  (1 minute reps with 1 minute recovery) were carried out on the beach.

In total 58 miles over the two weeks.

Those of you who have been to Corfu will know that there are no big mountains on the island, With the tallest being Mount Pantokrator, which stands at around 1000m.  The north of the island, though, is quite rugged and provides plenty of opportunity to get in some hilly runs.

I have written in previous posts about being chased by dogs whilst in foreign climes and this trip proved to be no exception.  However, on this occasion, the 'dog experience' was probably my own fault as I managed to miss the path I had been following and ended up running through some body's Olive Groves and along paths with 'no entry' and 'private road' signs.

Getting out early morning meant that I missed most of the heat of the day. However, this  Sunday's 10 miler from Ag. Stefanos through Arillas and up to Afionas and back proved to be particularly warm.  So much so that pushing up the last hill out of Arillas, I would swear that even my eye-balls were sweating.

It was just as I neared the crest of the hill that I heard something drop down beside me.  Looking across I saw what I at first thought was a tree branch, but as it started moving I soon realised it was a snake.  Not knowing much about snakes other than some varieties can give one an unpleasant bite I decided caution was the best course of action and gave way to my new slithery friend as it made its way into the undergrowth for better shade, breakfast, or whatever!

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Christina said...

The scenery is beautiful. I am sure it is more breath-taking in person. I am not keen on seeing snakes during my runs. We have plenty of that around here. I usually let them have the right of way and let them decide where I ought to be going.