Thursday, 11 October 2012

A timely reminder

Although not a massive total, last weeks mileage was a significant increase on what I have been doing.  The aim, this week then, was to consolidate those miles with a similar mileage for this week .  Followed by a slight increase next week.

But things don't always turn out how you plan them.  The last few days have provided excellent conditions for running.  So much so, that last night as I set out for my planned easy 6 miles, I was seduced into extending the run to 14 miles (with 1696ft of ascent and descent).

Road to Whittonstall
It was a perfect night for running as I chose a route which took in Ebchester, Whittonstall, Stocksfield and Hedley-on-the-Hill, before returning home to Medomsley.

When it comes to clothing , whether it be for day to day wear or for running, I tend toward dark colours, particularly black and blue and this created a bit of a problem last night.

As I tried (unsuccessfully) to bang the miles in before darkness fell. I found myself on the narrow, unlit country lanes between Hedley and Ebchester in total darkness.  Much to the consternation of a couple of drivers who happened to be using that route.

View from Hedley with Newcastle in the distance

A timely reminder then, as the nights draw in, that it is  time to break out the reflective and lightly coloured running clothing.

That said, it was still a very enjoyable run.

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