Monday, 22 October 2012

An argument for more evening races?

Could this be why I always seem to run better in training than in races - I mostly train at night!

A recent study by Parry,Chinnesay & Micklewright, published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology claims that you feel as though you are running faster in the night-time darkness than during the daylight.

When running at night, in the dark, objects further away are not visible to you and you have only close-by objects to use as reference points.  You therefore, get a greater sense of speed compared to running in the daylight.

I think I shall have to have a look around for some evening races this winter - put the theory to the test.

I remember a few years back that there used to be a series of 5 mile races held in the dark winter evenings around an industrial estate in Newton Aycliffe and I had some pretty good results then.  The first one I ran in 25.04.  However, the course was found to be short and re-measured.  The second race on the re-measured course I did in 25.11 (still my pb for 5 miles).

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