Friday, 5 October 2012

Its an evolutionary process

My journey, this morning, from bed to bathroom was a pretty good dramatisation of the ascent of man and my body's way of letting me know that I have significantly increased my training load in a short period.

Following a hard workout in the gym by way of a recovery session on Monday, 11 miles of which 7 miles were at tempo on Tuesday and last nights 10 miler with 4 x 5 mins, separated only by a steady 4 miles on Wednesday and I am starting to feel heavy and tired.

But, this is the start of yet another offensive, aimed at 'getting back'.  So although it will be shorter runs tonight and tomorrow, I will be rounding the week of with a 16 miler on Sunday.

In the grand scheme of things not an epic week mileage wise but it will represent in the region of a 40% increase on the weekly mileage I have been doing of late.

Following a wasted summer, running wise. The intention is to have a good solid winter and hopefully some improved race performances in the new year.

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