Wednesday, 24 October 2012

No Pussyfooting

No Pussyfooting is the title of an album by Robert Fripp and Brian Eno which I bought way back in about 1973, if memory serves my right.

No Pussyfooting, I have decided is going to be the slogan I take into 2013.

Normally, people review their achievements at the end of the year and use the information to set targets for the coming year.

Well, certainly for the last two years, due to injury, illness and my tendency to be side- tracked, any targets I have set myself have been, for want of a better way of putting it - fickle.

Things seem at last, to be starting to move in a positive direction with regards to my running.  So rather than wait I am setting my targets for 2013 now.

I have decided to split my targets into A and B races, with any other races I do being treat as C races and used as part of my build up to the A races. 

Also because I like to do something different now and again and hence often become side tracked I am building this into my targets for the year also, classified under 'other' I will have an A and a B target.

I have also kept the number of targets down to a minimum but also tried to structure them in a way that will compliment each other and allow, as far as possible, for the training to be progressive.

So no more pussyfooting about - my targets for the next 14 months are:

A Races:

1 The BMAF Cross - Country Championships - March 2013
2 The Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon - July 2013
3 The BMAF Marathon Championships - October 2013

B Races:

The Blaydon Race - June 2013

Other Targets

A target - Climb Mount Kilimanjaro - January 2013

B target - Run the length of Hadrian's Wall within 24 hours date TBC

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