Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Club night

Still feeling heavy legged from Sunday's 18 miler, last night was one of those evenings when I was finding it difficult to muster the enthusiasm to do the planned session.  On the programme was an 8 mile run with a session of 5x4 mins on 2 min jog recovery.

Running the 8 miles was not the problem but the thought of the session was by no means getting me excited.  Under my 10 day cycle I could afford to put off the session until Thursday and still fulfil my targets for this period, just in a slightly different order.

 But Tuesday night is club night at Blaydon Harriers and one of the advantages of running with a group is that there are times when they can motivate you or even hold you to account.  Last night it was Paddy.  Moving the session back to Thursday did not suit either him or Luke, another member of the group, as they are both racing at the weekend.  So 5x4 mins it was.

And, what a great session it turned out to be!

Running from Blaydon, along Scotswood Road, around the Newcastle Business Park and back again.  The first two efforts were with the wind behind us but with the remaining efforts predominantly into the wind things got a little tougher.

Although I found it difficult to 'get going' at the start of each effort I still managed to average 5.45 pace over each of the four minutes - so am well pleased with that.

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