Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Race reports in a song

Probably, like most of you reading this post I am quite an avid reader of race reports. The main sources for these reports are Athletics Weekly, www.northeastrunner.co.uk and other blogs that I read.

But how about race reports in the form of a song?

Blaydon Race 2012

I have mentioned Geordie Ridley on a number of occasions while writing this blog.  All in connection with Blaydon Harriers running of the Blaydon Race in commemoration to Geordie Ridley's famous song 'The Blaydon Races'.

But, Geordie Ridley was a famous Music Hall performer in the North East in the 1860's and wrote and sang a number of  songs about popular topics of the day.

These topics included sport.  Mainly rowing, bare knuckle fighting and foot racing (Pedestrianism).  One such song was a report of a foot race between John Hogg of Gateshead and Joseph 'Tout' Foster of Swalwell.

The race being for a wager of £50 was won by John Hogg.

It may be a little difficult to understand for any of you reading this, who are not familiar with the Geordie dialect, but the song and details of the race are                                                

Hogg and Fosters Race

Tuther seturday neet aw saw a grand foot race alang at the Victoria grund,
         Between Tout Foster and Joe Hogg and the stake was fifty pund;   
Thor was lots of cheps gettin on their bets, thor was little odds on Tout,
The cabs wor stanin at the gate, aw saw Joe Hogg luik oot

Anaw says gan on Joe maw canny lad, thou has cliver style
Yell lick the Tout without a doot, this quarter of a mile

The gate was opened, and sic a rush, thor was hundreds flockin in.
An'Jinmmy Reay amang the crood says 'Hoggy's sure to win'
'Hoo can he loss' says Jimmy Dodds, 'the Ship will float the neet!'
Says Marky Hall 'we'll hav a rare blaw oot wi' tripe and haggish meat.

The first ever Hoggy ran, it was wi'one the name o' Gilly,
Up at the Grapes for five aside, his backers drove him silly;
And aw mind he wun a handicap and a hurdle race likewise,
And at the Easter wrestling, last year, he pulled off the first prize.

He lick'd one o' the naym o' Miller twice, and Philipson in Newcassel;
And a deed heat he ran Geordy Wildbore, noo he there thor eyes did dazzel;
Then here's success to Hogg, Rowan and White, and Belley to likewise,
Fra' ten miles tiv a quarter Gateshead can all the world surprise,

Noo Hoggy had a trainer bould, Tom Norvel was his neym,
They tuik their breethins at Primrose Hill, on the Friday neet cam' heym;
Man, Joe luik'd vary fit, he seem'd to be runnin' fast
And when he wun their Neddy sung " Joe we've put it on at last'"

George Ridley's Local Song Book

Well you never know following my next race I may put my race report to music!

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