Thursday, 29 November 2012

Why run so far? and Keep on running

Why run so far?

If you check out the video of the last quarter of an hour,or so, of last years Fukuoka Marathon, it features the race between two Japanese runners for second place.  And, what has caused me to write about it is the route taken by the guy who eventually finished second.  Given the choice he seems to have taken the longest route possible and despite some big breakaway's was hauled back by his own undoing as his fellow competitor always takes the shortest route.

Since a Marathon (or any other race) is measured by the shortest route a competitor can be expected to take, then this guy is running well over distance.  Remember this is only the last 15 minutes or so of the race.  If he has followed this tactic throughout, How much closer would he be to the winner, who finished 2 minutes ahead of him?

The video can be found atJapan running news

Keep on running

This morning I read a tweet from @EightLaneNews and @MichaelEJHunt both about the same topic:

"If you run too much you die..........apparently"

Digging deeper the Eight Lane News website had a story about some recent research.which is also being covered by Runners World.  read here.

My view after reading the articles is very much the same as Runners World, Eight Lane News and Michael Hunt and that I will take my chances.

Is this another case of  "lies, damned lies and statistics"?

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