Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A mini target

Last night's training turned out to be an 8 mile run with 15 minutes at tempo, rather than the planned interval session.  The reason for the change was down to one of safety.  With the temperature below freezing and paths icy and slippery, we decided we would have more control and therefore be less likely to fall/become injured by doing a tempo session.

Whether this sense of security was purely psychological or not I am not too sure and is open to conjecture.  But, the session passed without incident and was therefore a success.

The weekends activities in Hartlepool are still obviously having an effect as my legs were still feeling on the heavy side.

Anyone who is a regular reader of this blog will know that things, this year, have not gone quite as planned.  One of the things that have not met my expectations for the year is my overall mileage.  Currently standing at 1873 miles for the year, it is somewhat short of what I expected.

So, as I result, I have set myself a mini target of reaching 2012 miles for the year.  In the past this would not have been in any way difficult, or indeed a worthwhile target. But today it is something to aim for as the 139 miles required over the next 2 and a bit weeks is in excess of what I could achieve on my current weekly mileage. 

For the record my biggest ever weekly mileage was 116 miles - those were the days!

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