Tuesday, 4 December 2012

"We come from the land of ice and snow"

Winter is once again back with us and as I skittered and slid my way around a six mile loop last night, the words of Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song sprang to mind.  Unlike in the song, there are no hot springs here abouts but a nice hot bath to soak in post run was more than welcome.

View across Gibside
Sunday Morning
Sunday morning had dawned bright sunny and very frosty and the Derwent Walk seemed to have attracted a host of runners.

Although I struggled over the final three miles, I was happy with my total of 17 miles for the day.

Overnight Sunday and into Monday morning the snow arrived and although we did not have a heavy covering the cold temperatures throughout the day ensured that it had frozen by evening.  Making the footpaths quite treacherous.

So it was a steady but stuttering run on heavy legs to start the week off.

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