Friday, 11 January 2013

Then and now

A couple of weeks back I came across some old photographs of various races over the years.  Among them was this photo below:

I have no recollection of this race at all and cannot workout from the background which race this is or where abouts it is being held.  I have asked a few people if they recognise it but without success.

Mind you, one of the reason why this race could have been wiped from my memory is as the result of the pain that was no doubt inflicted on my body as I tried to maintain contact with some of those who undoubtedly came past me, further into the race.

Closer inspection of the the group behind me reveals Ray Smedley (black vest and leggings), possibly Charlie Spedding (red shorts, obscured by myself - No. 13 and the runner with long sleeved white top), Ian Hagen of Sunderland (No.277), Malcolm Price of Sunderland, Union Jack shorts) and a very youthful Stewy Bell (white T- shirt 4th runner down on left of picture).

If anyone can identify which race this is, please let me know - the best I can come up with is:

- it is in the North East of England
- probably 10km or similar distance
- going by appearances (my facial hair and the fact I am up at the front) probably around about 1987
   or  88.

As for whats happening now, things are ticking over nicely and I am picking the mileage up slightly from last week.  Tuesday evening saw the first hill session of the year, this was followed by a fartlek session last night and the plan tonight is for an 8 miler which will include 20 minutes at tempo.

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