Monday, 4 February 2013


5000m in six days does not sound too impressive but it was my first target of the year.  Of course the 5000m is the height above sea level (or 5895m to be exact) of Mount Kilimanjaro.  The highest mountain in Africa, the tallest free standing mountain in the world, and climbing it was one of my targets for this year.

So last week 7 of us from Blaydon Harriers spent the week climbing Kilimanjaro.  Using the Machame Route (61km) to ascend and the Mweka Route to descend.

We made the summit at 6.15am Friday 1st February


Terry Lonergan said...

Well done, Alan. No doubt a great experience. Some great shots. Hope you have all come through unscathed.

Alan Dent said...

Thanks Terry - A great experience and a little tougher than I expected. But, we all made it.