Friday, 8 February 2013

Legacy, what legacy?

If I remember correctly one of the main points of Britain's bid for last years Olympics revolved around the legacy it would create, especially at grassroots level.

In this region, recently, the Clairville track in Middlesbrough has been under threat of closure.  Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield and Carn Brea track in Cornwell are currently being considered for closure and reading Athletics Weekly, it would seem that Mansfield Harriers have been locked out of their local track in Mansfield since the end of last summer.

Athletics Weekly also list, Norman Park track in Barnsley, the Northwood Stadium in Stoke and the track at Horsham as also having recently been under threat of closure.

With this background what sought of legacy are the Olympics actually going to leave?


Since my return from Kilimanjaro it has been a gentle re-introduction to running.  Due mainly to knee problems.  The descent of Kilimanjaro took more of a toll on my body than the climb up.  Particularly my right knee which had swollen to twice its normal size by the time I reached the bottom.

Although still sore the swelling has just about gone and hopefully next week will see me able to pick up the mileage.

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