Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A big ask?

Whether it was a knee jerk reaction to my poor run at the Masters cross country or whether I am finally starting to get my act together I am not sure, but the result was, that last week I managed to get in my biggest mileage week of the year so far. 

At 56 miles for the week it is still just a modest total, but to me, at the moment, represents a significant step forward.

Of course one 'good' week will not change everything and nor will the fact that I have just increased the mileage.  Obviously the type of mileage is also significant and this brings me to another positive from last week - two hard sessions, a hill session last Tuesday and a session of 6 x 2mins. on Thursday.  These two sessions along with a 16 miler on Sunday provided the backbone to my week.

Prior to Christmas I posted that I was changing my training to a 10 day cycle, i.e. 2 'speed' sessions and a long run within 10 days.  This was the right course of action at the time but now I feel it is time to step things up again and move back to a cycle of 7 days.

This, then will be the format for the schedule I am planning which will take me up to my next target for the year, The Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon and more significantly breaking the M55 course record.

The record is currently held by R Gay of Beverly AC.  Set in 2007 it stands at 85.06. 

To put this into context my fastest half marathon since turning 55 is 88.56, at Preston last September and my time for Yorkshire Wolds last year was 93.06.


Changing the subject here is a link to an interesting article I read yesterday on Ultra Distance and Mountain Racer Kilian Jornet.

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