Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Going back in time

One of the most often discussed topics, certainly among the older members, of our club (Blaydon Harriers) and I suspect it will be the same at many other clubs, is the declining standards and overall lack of depth towards the front end of races these day as compared to the 1980's

The 80's saw the first big running boom.  A boom which I and many others eagerly embraced and although participation in road races seems to be increasing, the overall standards of performance are not rising at the same rate.

So it was with some interest that I received a tweet via my nephew this morning with a link to the Guardian website and a story entitled 'Faster in the 1980's: an experiment in old-school running training.'  The article can be found here

The story features Durham Harrier, Michael Crawley, who has decided to, over the next few months, follow his coaches (a 2. 14 marathoner) training regimes from 1981 and '82 to "challenge the theory that my generation are doing it all wrong."

You can follow his progress at acceptableintheighties.wordpress.com

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