Friday, 8 March 2013

Not going to plan

Since Kilimanjaro things have not been going to plan.  Firstly there was the problem with my knee, and no sooner had was I able to start running , reasonably comfortably, than I caught a heavy chest cold which has also disrupted my training.So I am left with just 1 week until the Masters Cross Country Championships which is my second target for the year. 

When I set my goals towards the end of last year, I had envisioned doing a couple of races leading up to this race.  But have found that it is now 4 months since I actually ran a race.  I think this is the longest stretch I have ever went without racing since I began running!

Not ideal preparation but at least it will get me back into a race situation.

Changing the subject - Yesterday I was talking to someone who has decided that they want to "get fit" and they were saying that they had been advised by "a fitness expert" that running was not the best method as it was just slow, boring cardio.  I would not say that I am an "expert" but surely with a planned out schedule of running (not just a mile on the treadmill sort of running) you will lower your resting heart rate, burn fat and generally enjoy good health?

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