Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hill reps

"I hate this session - but it has to be done" was one of the comments heard during last nights club session.

The session in question was 6 x 300m hill reps with jog back recovery.

And as to why it has to be done, well the answer can be found in the results of a recent study carried out in New Zealand.

The study 'Effects of Different Uphill Interval-Training on Running Economy and Performance' found that uphill reps improve 5km performance.

Using a group of 20 "well-trained" runners, researchers found that following one of five "uphill interval-training programmes" over a period of 6 weeks, that average 5km times improved by 2%.

This means that the type of hill used is not the significant factor, only the fact that you are running hills, no matter what kind is.

In fact the only significant difference found in the outcomes was that hill reps carried out at the highest intensity had the greatest effect upon running economy.

Further details on the study can be found here

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