Monday, 29 April 2013

"Legs aching like a tractor wheel"

This is a line from a 1970's Roy Wood song, which intrigued me when I first heard it.  I don't think Mr Wood was ever a runner but that line can be used to describe how I have felt following a number  hard sessions, that I have experienced over the years.  Following yesterday's tempo paced 14 miler being the most recent example.

Despite having heavy and aching legs yesterday, things are definitely looking up on the training front with last week being my biggest mileage week (still only 60 miles but moving in the right direction) of the year, to date.  As well as yesterdays session the week also included a 4 mile tempo run and a track session of 6 x 500m with 300m jog recovery.

So although I move into a new week feeling a little tired it is a good tiredness and I am looking forward to an equally good week this week - all of which will pay dividends when I get back to racing.

Interestingly I came across an article today which questioned whether there is such a thing as over training with researchers saying that although scientific and anecdotal evidence supports the existence of the over training syndrome that more research is required to actually prove it exists.

The researchers saying that the majority of research that has been carried out in this area so far has been with 'overreached' athletes rather than over trained athletes.  Overreaching being the result of intensified training which is a normal part of an athletes training schedule.

Further details can be found here

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