Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hitting the comeback trail

Well the journey back to running fitness starts here. I have managed a couple of 'easy' runs so far but will need to pick things up in order to get back on track to meeting my target for the Yorkshire Wolds half marathon in July.

I say 'easy' runs, they were in fact anything but easy.  Apart from the first couple of hundred metres or so when things seemed to be ok they were a real struggle and left me feeling as though I had been hit by a sledge hammer.

Still, you have to start somewhere and things can, surely, only get better from here.  Although I think the Blaydon Race a week on Sunday may come a little to early for me.


Fellrunner1975 said...

You''l get there, be patient :o)

Alan Dent said...

Thanks - you're right - problem is being patient has not always been one of my stronger points.