Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Its always good to hear of a Blaydon runner who has done well

- No matter how long ago.........

Imagine the scene, its a sunny but blustery day with a chilly north easterly wind blowing across the Victoria Ground in Gateshead.  As the crowds flock into the ground, two figures limber up and listen to last minute instructions from their respective camps as nearby, bookies take in the bets.  The year is 1862 and this is athletics 19th century style.

In particularly a footrace between Bob Bullerwell and a gentleman by the name of Summers and the race was captured in a song by Geordie Ridley:

Bullerwell and Summer's Race
Aw'm gawn to tell ye aboot a race
That cum off som time back
Between one Summers and Bullerwell
This Summers was all thi crack
Thi race was at thi Victoria grund
They said Summers was gaun ti flee
Says Bob aw cum frae Blaydon
And ye'l not get ower me

Noo when they both got at ti scratch
Summers backers they did chaff
Bur Bob knawin' his little game
Did nowt but stand and laff
When Bob's backers got thor money on
Summers wanted thi start d'ye see
But says Bob aw cumfrom Blaydon
And ye'll noy get ower me

Noo off they went wi Bob in front
Summers backers went near mad
They said that they could esily wun
If he hadn't tyekin bad
Noo away Bob went an' got the stakes,
And then they had a spree
Says Bob aw'm frae the country
An ye'll not get ower me

Noo away we gans ti the station
And tyuk the half-padt seven train
Then off we went ti Blaydon
Ti the sign of the Rifleman
An' there we all sat fuddlin
We had a first-rate spree
Says Bob aw cum frae Blaydon
And ye'll not get ower me

Then here's success to Bullerwell
May he always be weel backed
An' lang may Blaydon flourish
Since they've pass'd the Local Act
An' here's success ti the workin' man
May he niver want a frind dy'e see
So lads aw've sung ye aw maw song
 And ye'll get nee mair frae me

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