Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A little over enthusiastic perhaps

Last night, as my recovery continues to progress, I decided it was time to head back down to the club for a run with the lads.  The aim was to do a steady run with a bit more distance than I have been doing by myself (4 or 5 miles) while hanging on at the back of the group and hopefully being pulled around at a slightly faster pace than of late.

The route followed the riverside footpaths along the Tyne from Blaydon, across Newburn Bridge, back along the river bank to Scotswood Bridge and then alongside River Derwent and back to base.

Whether it was the balmy sunny conditions, the release of pent up frustration at not having been able to run recently or just a total lack of self discipline.   I will let you decide, but the session turned into a 9 mile fartlek.

Working hard I managed to hold my own within the group but was very tired over the last couple of miles - but happy!

Apart from a little stiffness there seems to be no adverse reaction today, so perhaps a run around at The Blaydon Race this Sunday may be on the cards.

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