Tuesday, 2 July 2013

And the body said "no"

Well it didn't quite say no but more "that's enough for now".

I knew it was taking a bit of a risk trying to cram everything in (increased mileage, more quality) into a short period of time, following my recent enforced lay-off.  But, it felt as though that was what was required to get me up to speed for my target in the forthcoming 'Wolds' half marathon.

I feel I responded well to the demands I placed on myself, however, last week my body decided that enough was enough for now and subsequently I ended up missing three days of training and having to settle for a much reduced weekly mileage of 34 miles.

Although still, shall we say regrouping, I will gradually pick things up again this week.  With the race now only just over two weeks away it will make achieving my target (M55 course record) that much more difficult but still achievable (and all the more satisfying, when I do achieve it).

I am running 'The Bridges of the Tyne' 5 miler next Tuesday, so that should give me a good pointer.

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