Monday, 12 August 2013

A steady start

Well my first week of marathon training got off to a very steady start.  Reviewing what happened at my last attempt at the marathon I feel one of the contributing factors to my unsuccessful run was that I 'over-cooked' it a bit in the training leading up to the race, reaching the start line past my best.

So this time around the aim is to just to get around (I have to accept that I am not going to get back down to the times I used to do) and to be a little more conservative in my build up.  With this in mind I am following a 12 week schedule rather than the 15 week schedule I used  the last time.

My weekly mileage for last week was 55 miles and included two speed sessions of 4 x 1 mile with 3 minutes jog recovery and 2 sets of 8 x 200m with 40secs. recovery and 5 minutes between sets.

 This is a lot more conservative than the corresponding week (week 4) of my training the last time, which was 80 miles, with 2 tempo sessions (one of 3 miles and one of 4 miles) an interval session of 5 x 4 minutes and a cross country race.

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