Friday, 6 September 2013

Picture this........

Unfortunately I did not have a camera with me.  But picture this.......

As I approached the 15 mile mark, behind me,  a sense of tranquillity descended along the banks of the Tyne. The sun was melting into the sky, casting a deep red glow across the burnished gold of the corn fields.

Or, for those of you of a more practical mind.  The sunlight had travelled a longer path through the atmosphere than earlier in the day and had therefore been scattered by particles of dust causing the red sunset.

Either way I was knackered.

Setting off from the club early so that I could get my long run in last night rather than on Sunday the plan was to run 20 miles.  The first 18 at an easy pace with the last two at tempo.

Things were going well and I was enjoying the run but as I clocked up 14 miles I suddenly felt very tired.  Whether it was just general tiredness or my mind trying to convince me that I did not really want to do the tempo section I am not sure, but the next couple of miles were a real struggle.

Then approaching 18 miles my feet seemed lighter and my stride lengthened and the two miles tempo passed without any problem.  In fact by now I was feeling so good I decided to add on another couple of miles.

So at  22 miles a good evenings running

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