Monday, 14 October 2013


Having turned out for the Parkrun on Newcastle Town Moor on Saturday morning to use the 5km run as a time trial, things didn't go quite to plan.

The weather was chilly and damp and I had not warmed up properly prior to the start.  With the result that about three quarters of a mile into the run I felt a sharp pain across the top of my right leg and into my groin.  Easing back a little I kept things going to finish in 19.44.  A little slower than I had expected but still a solid run I suppose. So once finished it was straight home to spend some quality time with the ice pack.  Not really what you want 2 weeks before the marathon and the day before your last long run.

Sunday, I had planned to do 20+ miles and setting off on a chilly, grey and drizzly morning my groin and upper right leg felt stiff and tender from the previous day.  However, as I eased myself through the miles I gradually loosened up, eventually completing 21 miles, albeit, at a slower pace than I had originally wanted.  But still the miles are in the bank. I will be tapering down over the next two weeks.

I now find myself in a slightly strange situation, having completed only (deliberately)  about 2/3 of the training I would have done in the past and trying to remind myself that my aim is only to complete the race and not go for a particular time.

 Although I feel fit and strong I am now having doubts over what I perceive to be the lack of miles.  Also I am now finding it difficult to think in terms of just finishing rather than aiming for a particular time.

Ah well - we will just have to see how things go! After all it's to late to change anything now.

Photos of Parkrun, as usual thanks to Francesca

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