Monday, 25 November 2013

Cross country season off to a healthy start.......... for some

Start of 2012 NEHL at Blaydon
With 547 runners taking part in yesterdays, senior men's race and 300 in the ladies race, at the 2nd fixture of this years North East Harrier League, in Jarrow.  It would appear that Cross Country running in the North East is fit and healthy.

This is especially so, when you consider that the first fixture at Blaydon a month ago saw record numbers of 575 runners in the Senior Men's race and 300 in the ladies race.

That said, yesterday's figures in the men's race should have been at  least one higher as it had been my intention to run.  However, the untimely hamstring problems encountered last Thursday soon scuppered that plan and also look likely to prevent me turning out for the third fixture this weekend. 

Hopefully I can get sorted and back running fairly soon.


Rob Hadgraft said...

Good to see numbers remaining healthy up there. Seb Coe is addressing an IAAF conference shortly in which he is appealing to member nations to encourage more young athletes into XC as he has evidence numbers are dropping. Cross-country League races are what I call "proper" running (as opposed to the growing number of expensive and unaffiliated fun-runs that are being staged by commercial enterprises such as those 'Boot Camp' fitness groups etc. Of course, I certainly have nothing against fun-runners or beginners, but properly organised races and sensible entry fees are important for our sport.

Alan Dent said...

Yes, after a fairly barren spell 6 or 7 year ago numbers have picked up steadily. As for younger participants I believe there were 400 runners in the junior race at Blaydon! But I agree general participation from younger runners does seem to be on the decline.
I also agree with you that, although any event that gets people interested and participating is good, there are an increasing number of over priced commercial enterprises. These also I believe go some way to detracting from people joining athletics / running clubs,