Monday, 13 January 2014

End of week report

42 mile may not seem a massive weekly mileage but it is a total I am more than happy with and provides a good starting point following on from my recent hamstring problems.  A steady 12 mile run on the Derwent Walk on a cold, frosty and bright morning yesterday rounded of the first full week of the year.

This weekend also saw me finish reading 'Haile Gebreselassie The greatest runner of all time' by Klaus Weidt.  The book starts with the auther and his German  travel running group endeavouring to meet Haile Gebrselassie in Ethiopia.  It then continues to chart Gebreselassie's life from childhood, alongside a potted history of Ethiopia, up to his premature announcement of retirement, following his dropping out of the New York Marathon in 2010.

It is an interesting read which also places a lot of emphasis on Gebreselassie's relationship with the Berlin Marathon.  The book also contains plenty of photographs and for sporting statistions lists all the main races of Gebreselassie's career.

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