Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The highs and lows of getting back

Sitting here with an ice pack strapped to my right achilles it seems quite odd that I should be pleased with my progress over the last fortnight, following the hamstring problems I had been having.

Last week saw a slight increase in mileage (up to 46 miles) and with a session of 8 x 2mins on Tuesday, a hard fartlek session on Thursday and a  series of short strides on Saturday, a re-introduction to some quality work.

This week the aim is to, once again, slightly increase the mileage (50+) and continue adding some quality sessions.  unfortunately, that is where the need for the ice pack comes in.  As I warmed up at the start of last nights session I felt a slight twinge in the right achilles, however it did ease and did not prevent me from completing the planned 6x3mins.

Today, however, it is a slightly different story as my achilles is very sore and tender.  Hopefully the ice and a couple of very gentle runs will see me getting back on track.

Changing the subject away from me, It was sad to hear the news, this week, of the death of Chris Chataway, at the age of 82.
I was fortunate enough to have met him at the start of the Great North Run in 2006 and just for the record he ran 1.38.50 that day! 

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